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FX1 Indicator
[FX1 - Click for larger image]
The FX1 is the entry level electronic weighing system from Iconix. Simplicity itself - just turn it on and "you're weighing".

There are two weighing modes:
    FREE for weighing static loads, such as produce.
    HOLD for livestock weighing - after a press of the WEIGH key, the accurately averaged weight of the animal is locked on the display until the next animal is weighed. 


  • Auto zero at switch-on
  • Intelligent zero-tracking. Dirt build-up while weighing is automatically zero-tracked out.
  • Tough, weatherproof case rated to IP65
  • Mounting bracket is included
  • Powered by external 12V battery - battery lead supplied
  • Optional AC adaptor for mains operation
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto 'low voltage' shut down
  • Weighs up to 2000kg with standard loadbars
  • Available in English, Spanish and German language versions
  • Supply voltage = 11.5V to 19V DC
  • Low battery indication = 11.4V DC
  • Automatic scale base selection
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of displayed reading +/- 1 division                 where 1 division = 0.2kg, 0.5kg etc depending on weight range
  • Temperature range = -5°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions = 195 x 180 x 52mm (excluding mounting bracket)
  • Weight = 0.9kg (including mounting bracket)
  • Auto ranging resolution. With standard 2000kg loadbar set:

  •       0 -     20kg   0.1kg steps
        20 -     50kg   0.2kg steps
        50 -   200kg   0.5kg steps
      200 -   500kg      1kg steps
      500 - 2000kg      2kg steps
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