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The Iconix product range is broadly divided into two sections:

For farming applications, particularly livestock weighing, look at the system components in the Agricultural section. Internationally, these systems are distributed and marketed in many countries. Within New Zealand, the livestock scales are available through a large number of retail outlets. Contact Iconix for further details.

The Industrial section includes weighing products for trade ("Weights and Measures" approved) and non-trade industrial applications. These products are available to scale companies as system components for incorporation into complete scales. Various accessories are also available and scale companies should contact Iconix for further details.

Note: all the systems shown are available on a mix and match basis. When looking at an agricultural indicator (Iconix FX21 for example), the page will show links to other items that can be included with the indicator. In the case of the FX21, it can be used with all loadbar types, the WinFX linker package and the Iconix FX Printer.


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